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Cooking Club

Cooking Club is typically on a monthly basis, and held at a different member's home each month!

At each one, we have a different theme or challenge for you, all are in good fun, although smack talk is always welcome.

Information and Responsibilities...

Cooking Club participant responsibilities include:

    • Bring an appropriately themed dish to share.
    • Bring your own beverage and/or one to share. (We don’t want the hosts having to foot the bill for all of the alcohol.)
Hosting responsibilities will include:
    • Providing the home/space.
    • Providing water and any other drinks you care to offer. Guests bring their own alcohol.
    • Providing dinnerware, flatware (plastic is fine), wine glasses/ drinking glasses (plastic is fine), and napkins. Nothing fancy unless you really want to play up your theme.
    • Providing the use of your oven in case someone needs it.
    • Getting any information to the event coordinator that may need to go out in an email like: beware of dog, parking is limited, dress in costume… ;), whatever.

The idea is to take the theme and run with it as much as you’d like, or you can keep it simple.

These are to be no stress events, but if someone does want to go all out, by all means do so; its really about hanging out with fun and like-minded people, be they foodies or non-foodies. 

Come willing to greet, meet, and eat!!

If you would like to run (coordinate) an activity group, host or help with a future event, or simply find out more...

Please click the button below to send an email to our Director of Activities:

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