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Standing Rules



  1. Dues shall be $60.00 per year per family unit or $35.00 per individual membership.
  2. Distribution of the Membership Handbook/Directory (online or paper format) and of any Activity Group membership list shall be to Club members only. They shall not be given to any other organization or commercial establishment and may not be used for personal gain.
  3. The Newsletter shall be given only to members of the Club and shall not be given to any other organization ocommercial establishment for its own use.
  4. The Club website may provide general Club information for the public, with privileged Club information made available to Club members only.
  5. The Club shall honor no charge accounts.
  6. Commercial products shall not be shown at Club meetings, nor shall there be any advertising permitted.
  7. No one shall sign contracts or guarantees for the Club except the President or Treasurer or those with written/email authorization. For contract amounts exceeding $500, two signatures are required. Signing officers are:   President, Vice President, Director of Community Affairs, Director of Activities, Director of Special Events, Treasurer and Secretary.
  8. The Board of Directors retains the option to alter the appointed positions of the Board should it be deemed appropriate in advance of formal amendment to the By-Laws.
  9. Unless otherwise provided by the By-Laws, a Board meeting shall serve as a membership meeting of the ​Club.
  10. Prospective Club members may attend one free Club event being held at a public location.
  11. No accounts of any kind shall be created in the Club’s name without the express authorization of the President.

Alcohol Statement

It is expected that all Club members and their guests will act responsibly in the consumption of alcohol and will either assign a designated driver or make other transportation arrangements when needed. Each Club member who participates in a Club activity does so at his or her own discretion and risk. The Newcomers Club of Ridgefield, Inc. will not be held liable for any injuries which may occur as a result, and each Club member and guest expressly holds The Newcomers Club of Ridgefield, Inc. harmless and shall indemnify same from all damages, claims, expenses, of any nature caused as a result of acts by said Club member or guest. Attendance at any Club event will serve to demonstrate each Club member’s consent and acceptance to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Solicitation Policy

Solicitation of Club members, guests of Club members, or prospective Club members by anyone at a Club event or activity is strictly prohibited. The Board reserves the right to not allow the distribution of certain materials, or information, which is deemed in violation of this non-solicitation policy. Some instances of solicitation may occur if approved in advance by the Board and if the intent of the solicitation is fully disclosed to Club members and participants prior to the event/activity.

Membership Guidelines

Club membership may be revoked due to inappropriate behavior such as violence, excessive intoxication, ccriminal activity, or behavior that poses a risk to the safety of Club members or their families. The revocation of membership is at the discretion of the President with the agreement of a majority of the Executive Board Members. Membership shall not be revoked due to race, gender, religion, economic status or sexual orientation. The purpose of this guideline is not to hinder Club diversity, differences in opinion and approaches, but to ensure the safety of Club members and their families.

Photography Policy

By virtue of their attendance at any Club event, a Club member grants the Club permission to take, use, reuse and publish photographs and/or videos of such member in any and all Club-related publications and in any and all other media, including but not limited to use and publication on the internet, webpages and social media accounts, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by the Club, in perpetuity and for other use by the Club. Members release and discharge the Club, and its Board, from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action and costs of any nature arising from or related to the use, re-use and publication of any of the aforementioned photos and videos, including but not limited to claims for invasion of privacy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Club members shall not be tagged in any social media postings. In the event a member does not wish to have the Club utilize their likeness in any Club-related publication(s), the member shall inform the event organizer of such fact at the outset of the event and the Club will take all reasonable efforts to ensure that the member’s likeness is not utilized in any Club-related publications.

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