Teen Scene

Moving to a new town and starting middle school and high school can be particularly difficult on teens.  Teen Scene provides the opportunity for teenagers to gather in an informal social setting with other newcomer kids. This group is for teens age 12+, but many of the events include their parents and younger siblings.

Some of the events from last year were movie nights, river tubing, cookouts & bonfires, indoor go-karting, skiing/boarding and hiking/swimming.   We are open to all ideas for teens.  This year we will plan a snow tubing day and we have much more in store.

We had a great group last year with many regular attendees.  This year we will ask the regulars to choose a month and plan an event of their choice.  So start thinking of what you want to do.   A trip to the big apple?  Pool party?  You name it!  

Teens can by shy about meeting new people, but we've noticed that once kids overcome their hesitation and attend an event, they end up having a great time.  So encourage your teens to attend one of these fun events.  

This activity co-ordinator: Anca Pause

Upcoming Events

Teen Scene Fun!

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