Section 1

This corporation shall be known as the Newcomers Club of Ridgefield, Inc., founded October 3, 1967, and incorporated February 10, 1969.

Section 2

The purpose of this organization shall be to bring together residents of Ridgefield and the immediate surrounding areas; to coordinate, direct, and develop the social and educational activities of the members; and work on community projects in Ridgefield when requested. It shall be a non-profit organization with no remuneration to any member.


Section 1

Membership is open to any Ridgefield resident and residents of the immediate surrounding areas.

Section 2

Membership may be accomplished by paying the applicable dues with no refunds.

Section 3

Membership is for a one-year period with optional additional years, for which full annual dues will be charged.

Membership term shall expire on the last day of the anniversary month for all members.

Section 4

Members may continue in any activities they have paid for until the end of the Club year. They may hold any office in accordance with the terms of the By-laws. They will not receive the newsletter past their anniversary date.


Section 1

The club shall meet no less than seven times a year.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall meet as often as is deemed necessary by the President.

Section 3

The Board of Directors shall meet monthly. The presence of one third of the Board members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4

The annual meeting for installation of officers shall be held in the month of June.


Section 1

The Charter and Bylaws shall be reviewed every two years by the Member-at-Large and a committee appointed at the discretion of the Member-at-Large.

Section 2

The Charter and Bylaws may be amended by the membership in either one of two ways:

a) The material changes must be read at two consecutive Board meetings and ratified by a majority vote of those present at the second meeting, or

b) The material changes must be published in the club newsletter and then read at the next regular Board meeting with ratification by a majority of those Board members present.

Section 3

The Charter shall be supplemented by the By-Laws and the Standing Rules. In the event of a discrepancy between the By-Laws and the Standing Rules, the By-Laws shall prevail.

Section 4

Standing Rules may be amended or changed by the Board of Directors.



Section 1

The officers are the President/Co-Presidents, the Vice President of Community Affairs, the Vice President of Activities, the Vice President(s) of Special Events, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Membership Director, the Advertising Director, and the Member-at-Large.

Section 2

The term of office shall be one year for all Board members, with the exception of the President(s) who are a 2-year term, from June meeting through June meeting.

Section 3

All Board members are expected to make an effort to represent the Club as needed at events organized to increase membership and community involvement.

Section 4

The President shall hold office for a two-year term only (on a rolling basis) and shall perform the following duties:

a) preside over all regular meetings of the Club, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors.

b) may be exempt from payment of fees at regular meetings of the Club. Additional exemptions will be at the discretion of the Treasurer.

c) appoint, with the assistance of the Executive Committee, the Newsletter, Publicity, Membership and Website Directors.

d) keep a complete file of newsletters and submit an annual report at the June Board meeting, both to be passed to the incoming President.

e) if requested, receive two copies of each Board member’s annual report at the June Board meeting and pass one copy of each to the incoming President and one copy to the appropriate incoming Board member.

f) vote only in the event of a tie.

Section 5

The Vice President of Community Affairs shall perform the following duties:

a) preside over all meetings in the absence of the President.

b) assist the President when necessary; be thoroughly acquainted with the workings of the Club.

c) fill the office of President if a vacancy occurs.

d) coordinate any meetings and other programs for the Club (with the exception of the chairpersons’ appreciation).

e) coordinate and oversee all community service activities and events as necessary, or select a club member representative to work on his/her behalf.

f) work closely with the Publicity Director.

g) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 6

The Vice President of Activities shall perform the following duties:

a) act as the principal coordinator for the operation of all activity groups, working closely with the Activity Chairpersons.

b) work closely with Newsletter Director and maintain the club’s calendar.

c) should funds be available, coordinate a demonstration of the Club’s appreciation for the Activity Chairpersons.

d) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 7

The Vice President(s) of Special Events shall perform the following duties:

a) act as the principal coordinator for approximately four Special Events each year.

b) ensure that the cost of all Special Events does not exceed the yearly budget.

c) partner with Membership Director to leverage Special Events as membership drives, where applicable.

d) work with Newsletter Director to be sure the club’s calendar is updated with Special Events.

e) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 8

The Secretary shall perform the following duties:

a) record the proceedings of all Board meetings and send minutes of the meetings to the Board members in a timely fashion.

b) care for all permanent records of the Club.

c) request and file copies of all correspondence made on behalf of the Club by other Club members.

d) assist the President in preparing the order of business; have all necessary papers readily available.

e) keep an attendance record of Board meetings.

f) write letters, invitations, thank-you(s), get well cards, and other correspondence as requested by the Board.

g) read or give the content of important correspondence at meetings and have custody of the same.

h) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 9

The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all Club monies. The Treasurer shall:

a) keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements.

b) disburse funds in accordance with the adopted budget approved by the Board.

c) sign and be custodian of all contracts entered into by the Club.

d) prepare a fiscal budget for presentation at the September Board meeting.

e) submit a full financial report to the Board monthly and individual activity transaction records as requested.

f) e-file 990N or tender the books to an approved tax preparer for timely tax filing based on financial needs of club.

g) ensure that any monies remaining at the end of the year are donated to charities or other non-profit organizations selected by board vote.

h) submit a full financial report to the Board and a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 10

The Membership Director shall:

a) work with Website Director to keep an accurate account of all member names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of joining and leaving the Club.

b) solicit new members and renewals, and be responsible for membership registration at event opens to the public.

c) coordinate and hold hospitality functions (e.g. monthly coffees)

d) maintain all hospitality supplies

e) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 11

The Advertising Director shall ensure that there are funds to support the Club and coordinate fundraisers as

approved by the Board. She or he shall:

a) solicit advertising for the newsletter and website as deemed necessary, at prices determined appropriate by the Board of Directors.

b) be consulted when there is a need for emergency funds.

c) ensure that any fundraisers are a success by:

i. submitting a proposal to the Board for approval, including estimated expenses and revenues.

ii. starting work on committees on a timely basis.

iii. reserving facilities, as necessary.

iv. recommending to the Board for approval all recipients of profits that are raised at each event.

v. upon request,submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June Board meeting.

Section 12

The Member-at-Large shall perform the following duties:

a) every two years, with the assistance of a committee, if such is deemed necessary or desirable by the Member-at-Large, review the Charter and By-Laws of the Club and amend if necessary.

b) be responsible for appointing a Nominating Committee for the Board’s approval.

c) work with the Nominating Committee in selecting a slate of candidates to serve as officers for the upcoming year.

d) be responsible for introducing the proposed candidates, taking nominations from the floor, and holding the election and installation of officers as prescribed in Article 3.

e) act as a liaison between the Board and the membership.

f) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June board meeting.


Section 1

The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President of Community Affairs, Vice President of Activities, Vice President(s) of Special Events, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, Member-at-Large, Advertising Director, Newsletter Director, Publicity Director, Website Director, and the Advisor. The Board shall be governed by the Charter and the By- Laws and charged with the prudent management and general direction of the club.

Section 2

There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the President, the Vice President of Community Affairs, Vice President of Activities, and the Vice President(s) of Special Events, with the Treasurer serving as an alternate. The Executive Committee is empowered to act for and must report back to the Board of Directors. They also shall appoint any officer/director, except President or Member-at-Large, when a vacancy occurs. In the event of a vacancy in the Member-at-Large position, a new Member-at-Large shall be appointed by a simple majority vote of the Board.

Section 3

Any member nominated for, and elected or appointed to a position on the Board of Directors, must be a member in good standing. Non-renewing members whose membership will expire during a year may serve on the Board of Directors if

a) no one else can be found to fill the position.

b) their membership expires after December 31. They shall retain full membership privileges.

Section 4

Any member elected or appointed to the Board of Directors shall be expected to attend board meetings.

Section 5

The Newsletter Director shall be appointed by the President with the assistance of the Executive Committee. He/She shall:

a) edit and layout the Club Newsletter, and maintain its files.

b) direct all activities necessary to publish the Newsletter in a timely manner each month coordinate with the Website Director to ensure that the newsletter is updated to the website in a timely manner.

c) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June board Meeting.

Section 6

The Publicity Director shall be appointed by the President with the assistance of the Executive Committee. He/She shall:

a) serve as liaison with the local media, submitting for publication articles, photographs, and calendar items regarding Club activities, events, and services.

b) maintain and update Club social media accounts as necessary.

c) update Club informational and marketing materials

d) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June board meeting.

Section 7

The Website Director (or “webmaster”) shall be appointed by the President with the assistance of the Executive Committee. He/She shall:

a) update the club website on a timely basis.

b) utilize available tools to maintain a members-only section in addition to a homepage with information for the general public.

c) update membership contacts on a continuous basis removing old members as needed.

d) coordinate with the Newsletter Director to ensure the timely posting of the newsletter on the site.

e) work with Treasurer to ensure that website hosting and domain fees are current

f) upon request, submit a written annual report in duplicate to the President at the June board meeting.

Section 8

The Advisor shall be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors chosen by the incoming President from the past Board of Directors. S/He shall serve as a guide and aide to the President and the new Board.


Section 1

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Member-at-Large as Chair and six other members. The members of this committee shall not be eligible for elected office the following year. Two members shall be members of the Board of Directors and shall be appointed by the President. Four members shall be nominated through the Board from the general membership. Committee membership will be voted on by the Board of

Directors at the January Board meeting. Members of the Nominating Committee shall be introduced to the Club in the February Newsletter.

Section 2

The Nominating Committee shall meet as often as necessary to select at least one slate of candidates representing the diverse constituency for presentation to the Club at an April event. The Club shall be advised in the Newsletter which precedes the May meeting of the selections of the Nominating Committee. It is the responsibility of the Member-at-Large to ensure publication of the recommendations of her committee at this time.

Section 3

At an April Club event, the Member-at-Large shall introduce the proposed candidates, take nominations from the floor for each office and see to the close of nominations for office.

Section 4

At a May Club event, the election will be conducted by the Member-at-Large. Nominees shall be voted upon. However, if there is but one nominee for each office, it shall be in order to move that the Secretary cast the elective ballot of the Club for the nominees. Election shall be by a majority vote of the members in attendance. Once elected the new Board can then begin to fill the appointed Board and Activity Chairpersons positions for the coming year.

Section 5

The newly elected Board will be installed by the Member-at-Large in June.


Section 1

Any member of the Newcomers Club of Ridgefield may attend any Activity Group of their choice

Section 2

The Board of Directors is responsible for determining the numbers and types of Activity Groups.

Section 3

Policies of Activity Groups shall be subject to review by the Board of Directors.

Section 4

Those who chair Activity Groups shall be appointed by the Vice President of Activities. They shall, for each group:

a) Ensure that all activities do not operate at a loss.

b) keep accurate records of their activity’s functions, receipts, and disbursements, sending all check reimbursement forms to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

c) report any changes in the activity’s financial status to the Treasurer who shall hold all activity monies and issue all necessary checks.

d) communicate any event updates or changes through the Newcomers Club website.

e) submit a written annual report in duplicate to the Vice President of Activities no later than June 1.


The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the By-Laws of this Club.


The Club shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless each Director and each Officer to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law against all claims, damages, and losses (including attorney’s fees) caused by, resulting from, or arising out of the participation by any such Person in the activities of the Club, provided such Person acted in good faith.



1. Dues shall be $60.00 per year per family unit or $35.00 per individual membership.

2. Distribution of the Membership Handbook/Directory (online or paper format) and of any Activity Group membership list shall be to members only. They shall not be given to any other organization or commercial establishment and may not be used for personal gain.

3. The Newsletter shall be given only to members of the Club and shall not be given to any other organization or commercial establishment for its own use.

4. The Club website may provide general club information for the public, with privileged club information made available to club members only.

5. The Club shall honor no charge accounts.

6. Commercial products shall not be shown at Club meetings, nor shall there be any advertising permitted.

7. No one shall sign contracts or guarantees for the Club except the President or Treasurer or those with written authorization. For contract amounts exceeding $500, two signatures are required. Signing officers are President, Vice President of Community Affairs, Vice President of Activities, Vice President(s) of Special Events, Treasurer and Secretary.

8. The Board of Directors retains the option to alter the appointed positions on the Board between By-Law changes should it be deemed appropriate.

9. Unless otherwise provided by the By-Laws, a Board meeting shall serve as a membership meeting of the Club.

Alcohol Statement

In an effort to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our Club members at all our events, it has been suggested by our outside advisors that an alcohol policy be clearly established, stated and enforced. Therefore, it is expected that all Club members and their guests will act responsibly in the consumption of alcohol and will either assign a designated driver or make other transportation arrangements when needed. Each Club member who participates in a Club activity does so at his or her own discretion and risk. Newcomers Club of Ridgefield, Inc. will not be held liable for any injuries which may occur as a result, and each Club member and guest expressly holds Newcomers Club of Ridgefield, Inc. harmless and shall indemnify same from all damages, claims, expenses, of any nature caused as a result of acts by said Club member or guest. Attendance at any Newcomers Club of Ridgefield event will serve to demonstrate your consent and acceptance to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Solicitation Policy

To avoid disruption of Club operations or disturbance of Club members, the following rules apply regarding solicitation at Newcomer’s events and activities. Solicitation of Club members, guests of Club members, or prospective Club members by anyone at a Newcomer’s event or activity is strictly prohibited. The Newcomer’s Board reserves the right to not allow distribution of certain materials, or information, which is deemed in violation of our solicitation policy. Some instances of solicitation may occur if approved by the board and if the intent of solicitation is fully disclosed to the Club members and participants prior to the event/activity.

Membership Guidelines

Club membership may be revoked due to inappropriate behavior such as violence, excessive intoxication, criminal activity, or behavior that poses a risk to the safety of club members or their families. The revocation of membership is at the discretion of the Co-Presidents and with the agreement of the majority of the Executive Board Members. Membership shall not be revoked due to race, gender, religion, economic status or sexual orientation. The purpose of this guideline is not to hinder club diversity, differences in opinion and approaches (within by-laws), but to ensure the safety of club members and their families.

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